About Us

Dazzling Impressions Video Expressions is a growing concept that is a direct descendant of R.A.W. Enterprises @ RareAndWise.com.  It is our continued belief that gift giving has a long way to go.  A gift should show the individual who will receive it that you put a lot of thought into your purchase.  That you thought enough of them to be sure that your gift would be remembered for years to come.  That is our desire.  That is our purpose, to provide you with such a gift through the services that we offer.  A gift that creates a wide range of emotions, when it is watched or opened, gives the ultimate satisfaction to those who give the gift as well as those who receive it.    You can buy a loved one flowers. You can buy a loved one a card.   Or you can show them that they are truly loved with a gift from Dazzling Impressions