How To Order


  1. Select Your Photos

    • Try to choose the best photos to represent your theme (Birthday,Graduation etc.)

    • Carefully number the photos in the order in which you would like them placed in the slideshow. Please!! If you must write on the back of the photos, do it lightly so the impression does not show through to the other side of the photo. You can use post-it notes on the back as long as they cannot come off during shipping.

    • If you are sending digital images on a disc, catalogue the order on a separate sheet of paper.  Double and triple check your list to avoid photos from being placed out of order.

    • For the Deluxe Package please note any comments, verses etc., you may want inserted over the pictures or that you want to separate a section. (i.e.) To separate the stages of a Childs’ life.  Carefully match the verse to the numbered picture or section.

    • Video Clips (For the Deluxe Package only) should be no longer than 1-2 minutes in length.  Too much video will take away from the slideshow effect and add additional cost to the deluxe package.

    • Transitions: (Deluxe Package) The types of transitions used will be left entirely up to the discretion of our designer but will be placed for the optimum effect.

  2. Choose Your Music

    • If your musical selection is a hard to find classic, please send a copy with your photos.  It will be returned with your order.

    • If we do not have the requested song in our library, we will make every effort to find and purchase the song(s) online at no additional charge to you.

    • Decide if you want one song played throughout the slideshow.  This will mean that the song will have to be edited for length and there is no charge for this process.

    • If the slideshow will have more than one song, they may again have to be edited for length and fit within the time allotted for the slideshow.

  3. Shipping Your Materials 

    •  Ship all of your information; order form, music etc USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation.  There are several confirmation steps during the processing of your order designed to avoid any mistakes.  Be sure to include an e-mail address and/or phone number where you can immediately be reached with questions or for confirmation during the production process.

We are in the process of developing a formatted order form that will eventually simplify the ordering process. Please bear with us. We will make every effort to protect your memories and give you a finished project that will delight you for years to come.